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We have tracks in every genre you might need:

Module 1: Dance and EDM

High energy music perfect for marketing videos. (69 tracks).

Module 2: Classical

Timeless classics, perfect for mood videos. (3 tracks).

Module 3: Drum And Bass

Fast paced drum based music for high impact videos. (42 tracks).

Module 4: Drumstep

Heavy reverberating bass tracks, perfect for things like "stomp" videos. (53 tracks).

Module 5: Dubstep

High energy music perfect for marketing videos. (69 tracks).

Module 6: Electronic

Wide rnaging genre suitable for any type of video or marketing use. (87 tracks).

Module 7: Future Bass

Future bass is a subgenre of electronic dance music characterised by less intense drops, pulsating synth chords, exotic percussion and sometimes brass sounds. (20 tracks).

Module 8: House

Ultimatyed floor fillers, popular globally and perfect for social media marketing. (51 tracks).

Module 9: Indie Dance

A mash-up that mixes alternative rock with electronic dance music. (6 tracks).

Module 10: Melodic

Low key chilled out music, perfect for behind a voiceover or demo video. (20 tracks).

Module 11: Other

Mix of genre-bending tracks, cna be used for anything. (23 tracks).

Module 12: Progressive House

Anthemic, fluod, easily maxed house music. (35 tracks).

Module 13: Trap

A mash-up of styles incorporating rap, southern hip hop and EDM. (26 tracks).


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